Fiber Optic Cabling

Criterion-Soft provides fiber optic complete solutions and connectivity over long distances on turnkey basis jobs including Right of way, digging, laying, splicing, testing and commissioning etc. For optical fiber equipment and accessories are Ex-stock

  •   Optical Fiber Distribution Frames(ODF) both Rack & Wall Mount
  •   Optical Fiber Joint Closures
  •   Optical Fiber Patch Cords (FC, SC, LC, ST, MU and MTJR types)
  •   Optical Fiber Adapters (FC, SC, LC, ST etc)
  •   Optical Fiber Attenuators (FC, SC, LC, ST etc)
  •   Optical Fiber Splitters (Couplers)
  •   Optical Fiber to Ethernet Media Converters
  •   Fusion Splicing Machine, Cleavers, Strippers, Visual Fault Locator
  •   Optical Fiber Cable preparation Tool Kit
  •   Optical Fiber Network and Installation
  •   Fiber Optic Multiplexers etc.

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